Monday, July 25, 2005

Doctor discovers alcohol in bottle of coke 

A Muslim Doctor has told 702 Eyewitness News he's outraged after he discovered alcohol in a bottle of Coke. Doctor Haroon Dindar says laboratory tests proved the coke contained almost, one gram of alcohol per hundred millilitres of the liquid.

Dr Dindar said that his daughter informed him, at a family braai a couple of weekends ago, that the coke she had just poured had a funny taste. The doctor took a sample of the coke and sent it to a laboratory for testing, he also notified the Ermelo coke depot of this, when the results were returned it was positive that the coke contained alcohol. During Dr Dindars interview on 702 with John Robbie this morning, the Coca Cola Communications officer phoned in to reply to the Doctors query and he said that the cause of the coke having alcohol traces was due to a crack in the bottle causing yeast in the air to combine with chemicals in the coke to form a
reaction and creating alcohol.

The Doctor sent out a warning not only to Muslims but also to non-alcohol drinkers and parents to be aware that this kind of incidents do occur and he said that he would no longer drink any Coca Cola product.

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