Monday, July 25, 2005

Fred Bastide - 3D Artist 

Born November 26th, 1970, Fred Bastide lives in Montreux, Switzerland. He graduated from “Ecole des arts décoratifs in Geneva and “Ecole des arts appliqués in Vevey. He is currently employed at CCAVS, Clarens. Fred’s work has appeared in several publications and has been gaining widespread popularity for his unique style and attention to detail. DT is proud to give you, Fred Bastide.

Digital-Tutors: Fred, your work has been all over the place. Where are some places we can see more?

Fred Bastide: Nowhere! I’m an “occasionally” professional, but it’s not my principal job. Therefore my works can mainly be seen on web communities and in paper publications.

DT: We love your style, how would you describe it? What do you personally like to design?

FB: I try to make the monster emerge inside a human figure, or sometimes “a contrario”, the human inside the monster. The idea is to create oneiric images, or holding a nightmarish feeling.

DT: 3) What’s the typical workflow for you when approaching a project?

FB: First, I quickly make some pencil or ink sketches in a short period of one or two days. Those sketches are then enhanced and colored, sometimes even mixed with other drafts in Photoshop. The goal is to find the color and light ambiance, the composition and the design for the different elements.

After that, I often make rough clay models that are sometimes photographed and retouched in Photoshop as well.

When I’m completely sure of where I am going, I start working in 3DS Max.

DT: What sort of tools do you use?

FB: My brand new machine is an AMD 64 3,8+ with a NVIDIA 6600. Previously, I worked on a bi-processor, AMD 1600+, with an ATI 9700 pro. As other hardware tool, I have a Wacom A5 Sapphire. Adding color to a sketch with it is a real pleasure.

DT: Which software application do you best prefer?

FB: I work exclusively with 3DS Max, so I have no real point of comparison. I have tested other applications in the past, but not enough to be objective. For renderings, I love Vray. It makes quick and great quality renders. I used Mental Ray lately. The skin shader inspired me for portraits.

DT: Where do you find inspiration? Where do you draw ideas from?

FB: Mainly from nature, but I am of course influenced by other artists’ work, cartoons, movies and literature.

DT: What do you think of the move art is making to the digital medium? Do you work most with digital or traditional?

FB: At the moment, I think that the 3D digital art is principally between the hands of technicians with some artistic sensibility. The best will come when the CGI will be both more affordable and accessible to a larger panel of artists.

I spent about 10 years working with traditional mediums exclusively. Now the ratio changed: it is 20% traditional and 80% digital. I love to mix old and new techniques.

DT: Who are some artists and professionals you think are carving a new future for digital art?

FB: Persons like Peter Jackson, who know how to exploit the best of what new technologies can offer and push them toward new horizons. Like George Lucas or James Cameron did before.

DT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your visions and goals?

FB: I have the project of doing a short movie. I hope I can find time and energy to make it in the incoming years.

DT: What do you consider some of your biggest achievements to date?

FB: When I was 18, I did a huge real-size latex Alligator which was 2.9 meter long. So far, I think it is the thing I am the most proud of.

DT: Last but not least Fred, what advice would you give to those starting a career in art and design?

FB: I will tell them to work hard, and try to develop their own personal universe.

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