Monday, July 25, 2005

Massimo Russo - 3D artist 

Massimo Russo, born in Milan, Italy, conquered Multimedia Communication as a degree, but the passion for 3D has always burned bright and deep. He overcame the rigors of self teaching the ins and outs of the cg vocation to land work on two 3D feature films in Italy as lighter, rigger and compositor at Digitrace Tek in Rome.

Russo, an aspiring lighter/modeler, sheds some light on how he executes his toonish style and molds an image of a determined artist.

Digital-Tutors: You’ve got some excellent work. Where can we go to see it?

Massimo Russo: My personal projects can be seen in most 3D forums, some site galleries and, of course, at my website: www.opendesigner.it.

DT: How would you describe your visual style? What do you personally like to design?

MR: I always tried to have my own style which I can define as toonish.

DT: What is your workflow when approaching a project?

MR: First of all, I try to think about something. Then I try to draw what I have in my mind (I’m not so good in drawing :D). After the traditional approach I begin to develop my model in Lightwave 3d. When I’m quite happy with the model I start to rig it and when I have tested deformations, I do texturing and Lighting. Pose my character and render it for final illustration

DT: What sort of tools do you use?

MR: My favourite tools for 3D are Lightwave even if I can use Maya for lighting and texturing. For 2D stuff, I use Photoshop, Painter and Freehand.

DT: Which software application do you best prefer?

MR: My favourite software is always Lightwave 3d and of course, it is the one I know best.

DT: What are your sources of inspiration? Where do you draw ideas from?

MR: It’s not easy to explain it but I think it’s something that comes from music, visuals and people around me.

DT: What do you think of the move art is making to the digital medium? Do you work most with digital or traditional?

MR: For me it’s too early to think about it. I’m following a path that gives me the chance to communicate my thought all over the world. For the most I work with digital.

DT: As a professional in the industry, who are some artists you think are paving the way for the future?

MR: For me it’s not a particular artist that makes the future of 3d art, but is the great exchange of ideas, works, knowledge and experiences.

DT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your visions and goals?

MR: My dream is that maybe one day I’ll succeed in working at big companies such as Pixar, Bluesky and PDI for feature animation films.

DT: What do you consider some of your biggest achievements to date?

MR: Up to now I think my biggest satisfaction has been the CGTalk Front Page I got for my Bmw 250 Isetta and 3D Total Award for my “Stupid Orange Robot.”

DT: What advice would you give to those starting a career in art and design?
MR: Have a great passion in what you do and don’t stop dreaming.

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