Sunday, May 23, 2004


FIA Formula One Monaco Grand Prix 2004

Renault R24 - bargeboard development

The R24 sported an unusual, additional turning vane connected to the vertical bargeboards, to improve airflow efficiency around the bottom of the car. The horizontal design resembled similar elements used as main turning vanes by other teams.

Ferrari F2004 - chimneys

The slow Monaco circuit makes efficient engine cooling difficult, hence Ferrari's adoption of chimneys on top of the sidepods for better hot air venting. The design inevitably increased drag, but that is not a concern in Monte Carlo.

Ferrari F2004 - front-wing endplates

A change to the lower section of the endplate, moving from the previous, rounded channel to a flatter design, not dissimilar to that previously seen on the Williams FW26. The change was functional, intended to reduce the sensitivity of the car to ride-height variations.

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