Sunday, May 09, 2004


FIA Formula One Spain Grand Prix 2004

BAR 006 - new rear wing

This brand-new design featured completely new profile, flap and endplates. The elements possessed a sinuous profile, characterised by a double-curved edge, and on the inner side of the endplates a small step was added, effectively functioning as an airflow splitter, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency and downforce provided by the flap.

Williams FW26 - rear wing

This design still featured the intermediate vertical fences introduced in Bahrain, but with their height reduced by 50 percent. This satisfied both the FIA's requirements and those of the high-speed Barcelona circuit.

Jaguar R5 - rear wing

The intermediate fences on the Jaguar were the biggest on the grid, to the point of looking illegal. But a clever design got round the rules. Each element was in two pieces, the upper piece directly connected to the flap, hence becoming part of it, and the lower piece being part of the main wing profile.

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