Sunday, April 04, 2004


FIA Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix 2004

Williams FW26 - rear wing fins

A similar feature to that already seen on the BAR 006, the FW26 sported two inner vertical fences within its rear wing. The solution provided a better management of airflow. By dividing the wing into three sections, it increased the airflow pressure in each, raising overall downforce.

Williams FW26 - barge boards

A subtle change to the front aerodynamics with the introduction of a stepped plane, with a vertical profile, to the bottom of the barge boards inside the front suspension. This created a better seal between the bottom of the car and the ground, diverting airflow underneath the car more efficiently.

Toyota TF104 - chimneys

Toyota concentrated on improving rear-end aerodynamics with these new engine-exhaust chimneys that were lower, longer and horizontal, as on the BAR 006. Although one might imagine this solution to worsen hot-air extraction from the sidepods, it in fact proved very efficient in aiding airflow over the rear of the car.

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