Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Formula One Racing Engineering: New sidepod concept part 2 

click at the picture for bigger view

hope that drawings are understandable; anyway I'll add some description.

I'm suggesting radiator with cylindrical shape sort of 2/3 Venturi tube shape. This should enable reduction of space taken by radiator and therefore also dramatically reduced size of sidepod.

click at the picture for bigger view

There is also this less radical possibility - similar shape of radiators without Venturi tube effect. don't take scale and sizes from the drawing as something calcualted, as before those are just hints - sketches of idea. I agree that inlet and outlet need to be in specific ratio, no problem with that.

The reason I originaly made hot air outlet smaller was due to thinking that radiator grills as the primal otlet have much smaller size than cold air inlet. What I'm trying to say is that I thought that hot air outlet should have combined size of grill openings and cold air inlet on Venturi tube version and just grill openings on non-Venturi version.

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