Sunday, March 07, 2004


FIA Formula One Australian Grand Prix 2004

Williams FW26 - multiple sidepod fins

The FW 26 sported multiple fins, with the main one in front of the rear wheels doubled up. Another triangular fin was placed over the under tray of the car, in front of the rear wheels. The inclination of the fins should direct airflow around the rear of the car more efficiently, reducing the turbulence as the airflow hits the rear wheels.

Williams FW26 - re-profiled front wing endplates

The front-wing endplates of the FW26 sported an interesting change to the bottom edge, with a squared channel instead of the rounded one seen previously. This is thought to be a development of the venturi channel introduced since the end of last season, designed primarily to reduce the pitch sensitivity of the car's front end.

BAR 006 - additional rear wing profile

The 006 in Melbourne featured an additional rear wing, connected to the rearmost edge of the engine cover, with the endplates mounted inside the rear wheels. And on the main rear wing, two intermediate vertical fences have been added, splitting the airflow in three, hence increasing the pressure of the flow and the downforce produced

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