Saturday, December 03, 2005

F1: 3rd day of testing for renault 

Yesterday, Giancarlo Fisichella and Franck Montagny were supposed to continue working with the restricted V10 to hone the chassis set up around the new power levels. It was Giancarlo’s first taste of the reduced engine output.

In spite of the rain, Giancarlo covered 40 laps. After start simulations, he tried to work on the car set-up to improve and adapt its handling in the new V8 power levels (restricted V10).

Franck Montagny did not drive today owing to the bad weather conditions that would have prevented him from doing making productive progress, after having already run for two days.

Christian Silk, Chief Test Engineer “It was impossible to learn anything today because of the very bad and cold conditions. Anyway we ran as we could because we wanted Giancarlo to acclimatize himself to the car and especially to the new power output. It helped him to have feelings of the engine changes and he got some understanding of the different chassis set-ups.”

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