Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lawak dari Ganu 

There was one family of terengganu people nak balik raye and they were stuffed into one kancil. Seven of the family members all together. So the mum said,

Mum: Guane nih..penuh kete. Dok muak ayoh mu wey!

Dad: Betul jugok. Guane nok buak nih? Lamo dok sapa kampong.

Mum: Tujuh oghang dokleh sumbak masuk kete kancil nih. kecik do'oh.

And then they were thinking and thinking of the solution to their problem and how to make some space in the car. Suddenly their youngest son shouted...

Son: Abah, umi... Awang tau doh guane nok buak. Kite skarang ade tujuh oghang. Tamboh la soghang lagi. baru jadik 'LAPANG'...!!!

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