Sunday, September 26, 2004


FIA Formula One China Grand Prix 2004

Toyota TF104 - new chimneys

The widest chimneys seen so far, whose primary function was not to expel hot air, but to control airflow over the bodywork. Although only a minor change, the effects were significant in improving the car's stability in all sectors of the circuit, as proven by Olivier Panis's strong qualifying performance.

BAR 006 - front wing endplates

A sculpted inner-edge profile, part bending downwards and part running parallel to the ground. An extra step forms a venturi channel, improving downforce and reducing turbulence around the front wheels. Williams sported a similar solution at the same race.

Williams FW26 - front wing endplates

A change to the inner, knife-edge profile at the bottom of the endplates. Rather than running parallel to the ground it bends downwards, forming a wider venturi channel which provides additional downforce and reduces turbulence around the front wheels. Similar solutions will be important in 2005, when front wings must be higher and hence naturally less efficient.

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