Monday, February 27, 2006

F1: Technical Analysis Pre-2006 season : RedBull 

Red Bull RB2 - rear end detail
The transmission area is a development of last year's design concept, with the bodywork wrapped closely around the mechanical components, so as to reduce aerodynamic disruption and increase the efficiency of the bottom of the car, which is effectively sucked towards the ground as air exits the rear diffuser. The drive shaft and toe-in link are combined in one aerodynamically shaped wishbone, as on the RB1, a feature likely to be seen on other cars this year, possibly even the Ferrari, which adopted a similar solution last year. On its test launch the RB2 sported a rear wing from its predecessor, but this will almost certainly change before the start of the season

Red Bull RB2 - front suspension and bodywork
From the tip of its nose to its front suspension mountings, the new Red Bull shows clear signs of a Ferrari design philosophy influence. The two small round protuberances (1) on the top of the chassis, housing the suspension rockers and torsion bars, are very similar, while the position of the push rod link, inclined slightly backwards (2), and the assembly of this element, with a very slim metal head (3), are almost exactly the same as on the Italian car. This suggests that the RB2's whole suspension geometry follows a very similar principle to the Ferrari's - perhaps not surprising given that both machines use the same V8 engine.

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