Saturday, July 23, 2005

73.4 MP/H@118.908 KM/H CEN CT4-S Radio Remote Control R/C Nitro Gas Car RTR 2-Speed at my fingertips 

CEN Racing has changed the Nitro Sedan racing world. CEN introduces the all newly designed CT4 S. This State-of-the-art Ready To Run sedan incorporates months of extensive testing from all parts of the world to bring you the fastest, most reliable car on the market. This high-performance Ready-To-Run nitro sedan is based on the race proven CT4 R race kit design. The CT4¡¦S on-track performance surpasses all other models in its class. This is the fastest Ready To Run Sedan available, reaching speeds up to 70 MPH out of the box. This is achieved by using our newly engineered huge 2.5 Big Block 3 ports ¡Lighting¡¨ engine in conjunction with an adjustable lightweight 2-speed transmission. .21 class engines will bolt directly into the CT4 S. (Optional parts required) Many tuning options have been built into the chassis design to allow the driver to adjust to any track conditions. Soon we will release a 3-speed conversion kit to increase speed over 80+ MPH.

Front and rear .080 race style anti-roll bar

CT4 S comes with standard adjustable lightweight 2-speed transmission. High efficient foam element air filter is also standard

An easy access car handle locates in the center of CT4 S. Car handle also direct air toward cooling head providing high efficient cooling

CT4 S comes with 75cc racing fuel tank with CEN¡¦s exclusive diaphragm pump and internal stone filter that eliminates air leaks while providing easiest priming. Kit also includes an adopter to eliminate primer and become 100% racing style

Adjustable race style oil filled shocks

Big Bore high flow manifold and Racing tuned pipe are standard on CT4 S

3mm Super solid, fully countersunk chassis

Low CG Front and Rear gear diff. With adjustable toe-in, camber, and down travel

Rear Spider Gear differentials filled with thick grease out of box. Front high impact foam bumper also included.

High impact foam bumper to reduce damage in hard collisions. Front shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions.

Adjustable rear toe-in to adjust to all track conditions. Thick rear sway bar to reduce chassis roll when using foam tires. Comes standard in every kit

Pivot ball supension with Dog bone drive shaft on all four corner. Wheel Hub fits right into wheel perfectly for best aerodynamic effects.

Adjustable Down Travel "Droop"

Super low Center of Gravity to reduce traction rolls. All major components have been mounted as low as possible, including the front and rear differentials. Comes standard with the copper colored manifold and 2-chambered tuned pipe

Low mounted receiver battery to keep the overall C.G. low as possible. All RTRs come with our 3-piece servo saver to protect the servo gears during a crash

  1. Super solid 3mm hard anodized aluminum chassis
  2. Hard anodized aluminum upper deck
  3. Race proven 3 belt 4WD system
  4. Adjustable light weight 2 speed transmission
  5. Adjustable race style oil filled shocks
  6. Front and rear spider gear differentials
  7. 28 precision ball bearing
  8. Cutting edge pivot ball suspension design
  9. Front and rear .080 race style anti-roll bar
  10. High Flow manifold with racing tuned pipe
  11. Ultra low CG design
  12. Racing style 75cc fuel tank w/ built in stone filter
  13. Extremely stiff light weight racing wheels
  14. Super soft"V" tread tires
  15. Adjustable down travel "droop"
  16. High impact foam bumper
  17. Fiber brake sidk for extremely aggressive braking


Four Wheel Drive (3 belt drive train)
Wheel Base: 260mm (10.24")
Width: 196mm (7.72")
Weight: 1900gm (67.8oz)
Gear Ratio: 6.825/4.875 (1st/2nd gear)
Ground Clearance: 8mm (0.31")
Tires: 26mm (1.02") x 65mm (2.56")

Type: Double deck aluminum
Bottom Chassis: 3mm aluminum chassis
Upper Deck: 2mm aluminum plate

Drive Train
Type: 3 belts, 4-wheel drive
Transmission: Adjustable shift 2-speed
Differentials: Bevel spider gears
Clutch: Standard 2 shoe centrifugal clutch with spring
Exhaust Manifold: Aluminum round port with spring retainer
Pipe: CEN composite tuned racing pipe
Fuel Tank: 75cc tank with stone filter and primer
Final Drive Ratio: 4.36 / 3.2
Belt Tension: Front and side, ball bearing belt tension kits
Ball Bearings: Full bearing

Type: Pivot ball
DAmpeners: Lightweight composite oil filled shocks
Camber: Adjustable front and rear
Caster: AdjustableToe-in: Adjustable front and rear
Down Stops: Fully adjustable ront and rear
Anti-Roll Bars: Front and rear bars included

Special Features
Reliable Impact CII pistol grip radio
High efficient foam air filter
High impact foam bumper
Painted decaled racing bodies

Engine Description:
CEN Racing NX-15 Big Block "Lighting" engine!
Big Block 2.5
3 Ports
Dual precision crank bearings
SG shafts
True ABC construction
Rear exhaust
Slide Carb.

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