Monday, January 16, 2006

F1: The brand new Ferrari F2006 unveilled 

There it is, the brand new Ferrari.

My first impressions:
- font suspension is for sure not a no-keel setup. Must have clearer pics to see what it is then.
- Notice the strange position of the rear view mirrors.
- In this view, the sidepods actually make me think of Jordan EJ15B sidepods.
- They still run with the midwing
- Also the bargeboards are just as with the F2005 equipped with rather original flipups.

have to admit..it looks a helluva lot better than the F2005....the F2005 was an aerodynamically messy car, with too many add-ons to capture downforce lost due to poor design. The F2006 would appear from this picture to be more aerodynamically sound...but to see if that really is the case we must wait till bahrain. Oh but they are stil ueing that rediculous box wing under the front mainplane...which suggests to me that they still havent caught up to the aero levels as Mclaren & Renault.

Those rear view mirrors are good for morning workout but must cause the headache during a race What if mirror poles are hollow and mirror cover wider than mirror so they act as small chimneys too?

One more poof that Ferrari is preparing car for CDG wing before anyone else. Why is this area where chimneys are black (heat cover?)

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