Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Bangau" on the road 

Human nature is a funny thing. Why is it that when a Proton Saga or Wira (modified ones of course) approach behind me in my Prue, they almost always want to raca me?

Take this morning for example. There I was, crusing along at 90-100kmh towards KT from Jerteh when this bugger in a blue Saga comes galloping behind me. Obviously, he was driving faster than me and I was in no hurry or had any desire to play.

It is Ramadan after all. I maintained my speed and twice gave him the opening to pass me. Both times on stretches with overtaking lanes I moved to the left and kept my speed. But noooo, he didn't want to it seemed.

But when we reached a stretch going uphill, on a corner and with double lines to boot (and obviously one can't see incoming traffic there), he decides that that would be a most convenient time to overtake me. I was going 90, as always.

Of course, there was a tanker coming from the opposite direction. I had to swerve and brake to give him way.

I mean (my puasa notwithstanding) WHAT THE HELL KIND OF PERSON IS THIS???? What's the point? That he was faster than me? That he can overtake at dangerous spots? That he's invincible and what he does doesn't hurt others?

I'm not going to tell what I did coz it was not very civilized. But suffice to say that if you guys see a blue Saga WCB4463, eithet show him what a Lantis can do or just stay the hell away from the idiot.


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