Sunday, July 11, 2004


FIA Formula One British Grand Prix 2004

BAR 006 - additional sidepod winglets

These elements had the clear function of dividing airflow in two, with one portion directed outside the car to reduce turbulence, and the inner portion directed straight on to the rear wing to increase downforce. They also emphasised how chimney design could be used to influence aerodynamics and not just cooling.

Sauber C23 - new engine cover

  1. Hot air vents on the top of the sidepod rather than the outer edge.
  2. Lower, more sculpted rear bodywork, with taller chimneys.
  3. Horizontal element in front of the rear wheels, connected to the engine cover by two curved fences.
  4. An additional mid wing just behind the onboard camera support, giving the car better balance.

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